Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

PPV is permitted to process and discharge wastewaters
of various types under three categories.

Industrial WasteWater

PPV, Inc is permitted to treat and discharge wastewater, generated off-site, that meets the applicability criteria for sources defined in 40 CFR Part 437, Subpart D, Metals Treatment and Oils Treatment and Recovery.


Catch Basin Cleanouts

Industrial, commercial, and residential storm water from catch basin or vault cleanouts with a mix of liquid waste and solids. [Download Stormwater WIP]


Site Remediation Ground Water

Site clean-up, tank removal, or demolition residual water with greater than organic material


Construction Sludge / Slurry

Material from drilling, concrete wash outs and other material that do not qualify as organic


Non-RCRA Metal-Bearing Wastewater

All process water that does not contain material from our prohibited list [Download Industrial WIP]


Oil / Water Separator

Material from catch basins that collect oils, marine bilge or other collection systems that separate waters and oils [Download OWS WIP]

PPV, Inc is permitted by the City of Portland through Chapter 17.34 of Portland's City Code as a "centralized wastewater treatment" facility. The requirements of the permit are stipulated in the Wastewater Discharge Permit number 437.007.

Multi-Million Dollar Facility

The finishing touches of a multi-million dollar facility upgrade are to be finished by Summer 2017.


To learn more about our facility, schedule a tour with our sales team.


Environmental Services

We strive to protect the local environment with detailed procedures to make sure our facility consistently meets or exceeds the requirements of our permit. In 2015 we were awarded the Gold Award from the Bureau of Environmental Services.


PPV, Inc is permitted to treat and discharge wastewater, generated off-site, that meets the applicability criteria for sources defined in 40 CFI Part 437, Subpart C, Organics Treatment and Recovery. These waste streams include:


Landfill Leachate

Material that drains or "leaches" from a landfill or waste site. Material that can vary with constituents with suspended solids and strong BOD


Organics-Contaminated Groundwater

Water that becomes contaminated from foreign materials such as petroleum residues, salts or other organic materials


Organic-Bearing Industrial Wastewater

Water from manufacturing processes that do not contain metals, food, beverage, coolants, wash waters and other by products


Other WasteWater

PPV, Inc is permitted to treat and discharge non-regulated wastewater which includes septage, portable toilets, uncontaminated groundwater and other wastewaters whose nature and treatment are compatible with the treatment of on-site non-CWT wastes.


Septic (Commercial & Residential)

Material from septic tanks that do not contain excessive grease and oils


Chemical Toilets

Material that is free from foreign objects from regular portable toilets



Sewer material from clean outs or residual material that is free of foreign debris



Prohibited Items

Under no circumstances may PPV personnel accept any of the following wastes at any time:

Hazardous or toxic waste


Radioactive source material


Pesticides, herbicides or insecticides


Explosive or reactive wastes




Corrosive wastes




How do I dispose at the facility, can I just show up?

You will need to be a pre-approved customer. This requires paperwork regarding your material and obtaining a disposal ticket.


How do I sample?

Depending on the material, please click here for our guide on sampling or how we can assist.


Where do I take/send samples?

Samples can be delivered or sent to 4927 NW Front Ave, Portland, OR 97210 ATTN: Lab Services


Do I need analytical?

Yes, with exception of most septic or storm water. Click here to see what we require and your assigned project manager will assist you with this determination.


What do we test for?

We test for prohibited materials and constituents that we are monitored for our local government. It is also vital for constituents that we monitor for, to provide a safe environment for our employees and proper treatment of your material.


Why do I need to fill out a WIP?

This is part of our permit conditions with the City of Portland. It is required for every load as it connects your load, sample and our logs on accepting your material.


How to fill out a WIP?

Your project manager will be happy to assist you with your profile, it's fast, simple and makes sure we are the exact facility to handle your material. Click here for more information.


How my wastewater treated?

Click here to see how we determine your treatment process. Our plant uses a mix of equipment, proprietary media and sometimes chemicals to separate the water from solids and constituents.


What happens after my material is approved?

We will issue a signed approved WIP with a disposal ticket for the material to enter the facility. Some material will require an appointment.

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