PPV offers transport services to have dedicated lines of transportation to ensure our clients have reliable service with industry knowledge for the safest extraction.


We offer a wide range of transportation options with our own fleet and trusted trucking partners.


Most trucks are equipped with vacuum pumps for quick and safe extraction of material without the need for external pumps. Below is a sample of our fleet to completely service your needs.



Straight Truck

Ideal for tight or muddy conditions


Different Sizes
From 1,000 to 4,000 gallons


Vacuum on Board


Tractor Trailer Combination

For long hauls or high volume


Different Sizes

From 5,000 to 8,000 gallons (Double Trailer)


Vacuum Pumps

(On most trailers)


Custom Sludge Trailers

For fast loading and unloading


Combo Vac Trucks

Ideal for multi-use jobs


Capacity up to 1200 gallons

For liquid/solids


Strong Extraction For Heavy Materials Mixed w/ Solids


Can Assist in Removal w/ Extended Distances


Power Washing

Post material removal


Jetting/Cleaning Capabilities


Hydro-Excavation Capabilities

Tank Sizing

44 Gallons to a Barrel

23 Barrel = 1,000 Gallons

80 Barrel = 3,500 Gallons

120 Barrel = 5,280 Gallons

130 Barrel = 5,720 Gallons

140 Barrel = 6,600 Gallons

180 Barrel = 8,000 Gallons (Double Tanker)

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