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Do you have storm water, industrial waste, oil/water separator, leachate, food waste, or septic waste? We are here to help with the disposal of all types of wastewater with our advanced pre-treatment process. We can process and clean any water to meet EPA and local regulations.

We have transportation services with our VAC Fleet, liquid tankers, sludge tankers, and double tankers for long hauls.  We also have a rail service to accept up to six rail cars.


PPV and Bravo Environmental is a liquid and utility service company. PPV is our wastewater pre-treatment facility located in Northwest Portland Oregon.  We can treat and discharge storm, septic, organic and non-hazardous industrial liquid waste.


Treatment | Disposal

On-site services

PPV is the NW's largest non-hazardous pretreatment disposal facility located in Portland, Or.

PPV offers full service transportation with our diverse fleet of trucks.

We offer utility services that assist with collection, containment and monitoring.

On site labe and technician to quickly evaluate samples.

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24 hour Emergency


Emergency deliveries and technical support available.

Our staff provides a wide array of customer technical support.

Chemical becomes an integral part of the waste management process.

PPV | Inc.


Location (Office & Plant)

4927 NW Front Avenue

Portland,  OR  972010



Phone:  (503) 261-9800

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PPV | Bravo Environmental


Portland Operations

4927 NW Front Avenue

Portland,  OR  972010


Seattle/Tukwila Operations

6437 South 144th St.

Tukwila, WA  98168

Phone:  (425) 424-9000

Toll Free:  (888) 272-8644

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